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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Message from the Parris Family

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to attach a few pictures from my visit with Wrenn today. 3 days ago they got rid of the fortified mix they were putting in my breast milk. She was frequently spitting up but still gaining weight pretty fast. Now she is losing a bit but is enjoying her feeds MUCH better and keeping them down. I'm not sure what they will do but I can tell you that the fortifier was making her throw up at every meal.

St. Louis checked in last Friday to see her status but gave us the impression that despite weight gain at this point she is just not in NEED of a lung today. She would continue to be bumped from the list since it goes to the person who is MOST sick.

Once she reaches 8 pounds the doctors in St. Louis will take another look at her and decide to either transport her (which they really don't want to risk doing for fear of not getting her off the vent) or let her stay at Winnie Palmer allowing her to grow stronger.

Over the last three weeks she did catch Tanner's cold (the Rhino virus). She had a very bad wet cough but did very well. She never needed medicine (most healthy newborns need Albuterol or meds for that condition) nor did she need to be vented, which often happens to babies with respiratory issues. (Yes, she is very strong and a fighter).

I really think the doctors have underestimated her. I really feel she is going to surprise us all...

Keep praying!

Nicole and Jason


Just_Jennie on June 28, 2010 at 11:27 PM said...

Awesome news! What a beautiful picture of Wrenn too! Love it! Continued Prayers!


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