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Monday, May 31, 2010

Priceless moments with Wrenn & Tanner

Today I had the opportunity to visit Wrenn again. Last time I visited it was late in the day and there was very little light so once I heard their trip to St. Louis was delayed we schedule a time so I could come visit again. When I first arrived Wrenn was resting with Nicole after getting her ready for her photos.

Nicole mentioned a nurse had made a beautiful flower headband for her so we took a few photos of her with her flower. Something tells me that as she grows older we'll see many more photos with her precious little flower hair accessories.

It was so cute to see Wrenn all dressed for photos today. I think it was an uplifting moment for Nicole to have with her little girl. Nicole spends several hours a day in the hospital with Wrenn but I imagine it's not every day that she gets to dress her up like she did today.

A few minutes later she woke right up. I can tell she's grown in less than two weeks since I last saw her.

I knew the nurses at Winnie Palmer were great. As challenging as things are we can all be reassured that Wrenn is getting the best care. Her nurse, Colin, was amazing today. After seeing her flower he joked about wearing one with Wrenn for a photo. Funny thing is, he wasn't joking - he was very proud to take photos with Wrenn and her awesome flower hair accessories.

While I was there I noticed they had the "congratulations" sign that is typically posted just after birth in the hospital. As I saw it posted to Wrenn's crib in the NICU I realized she's been in the NICU for 47 days.

I know the crib she's in at the NICU isn't quite the same as the one she has waiting for her at home but it's the only home she's known for the last 6 1/2 weeks. I admired seeing Nicole comfort Wrenn through the bars of the crib.

On the outside of Wrenn's crib I found her big brother, Tanner's awesome artwork.

I admired Wrenn just a little longer as we awaited Tanner to return to the NICU to see Wrenn.

Today was my first time meeting Tanner. He greeted me with a smile and told me he was back to see Wrenn.

He's such a happy little guy. I suppose knowing how much the Parris family has been through and how much is ahead it was uplifting to see Tanner in such great spirits.

Tanner had so much to say to me. He said his ABC's and 123's and told me how he got to see Shrek this afternoon.

Of course we wanted to try to get a few photos of Tanner with his sister but because she's still attached to medical wires it wasn't the easiest. Jason lifted Tanner up to her crib for a few photos. Tanner was happy to see his little sister again.

Yes, Tanner had fun being lifted up to see Wrenn. This moment was priceless to be a part of.

Unlike many other two year olds, Tanner was not shy of the camera. He gladly smiled for me. He has the most amazing green eyes.

We tried for a couple more photos of Tanner with Wrenn but instead decided to have Nicole hold Wrenn. Yes, priceless moments.

Wrenn's family must now wait until she gains more weight before they head to St. Louis to prepare for the lung translant she requires. Unless her condition worsens or she makes it to 8lbs they'll remain in Orlando. She's just under 7lbs right now so our fingers are crossed that in the coming weeks she'll be ready so that she and her family can move forward to helping her build the strength needed to someday be home.


MomToTracyNSheri on June 1, 2010 at 3:57 PM said...

These photos are absolutely priceless and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing Amanda!

yvette dennehy on June 2, 2010 at 11:34 AM said...

These photos are wonderful, and very inspiring. What a loving and brave family. Our prayers are with you all the way from Delaware.

Alison and Clark Johnson said...

Jason and Nicole, it is so great to see the photos of baby Wrenn and Tanner. Wrenn is beautiful and Tanner is adorable. Thanks for sharing! We think of you often and we hope that Wrenn will be going home with you soon. Clark and Alison


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